Core cutting is the part of the manufacturing process when the core of the transformer is produced. During the process of core cutting, JST takes thin rolls of sheet steel and cuts them into thin strips of varying widths, which are then stacked into a pre-specified geometry. We use a fully-automated, industry-leading process for cutting, stamping, and stacking. The photos below illustrate this process:

Different strip widths are loaded onto a turret-type feeding system that will be used to feed the stamping die. The process is computer-controlled. By using different strip widths, a round core geometry can be automatically fabricated during the stacking operation. In addition, the lengths of each stamping are varied slightly to produce the step lapped mitered joints.

Pictured is a stamping station where the different strips are cut into the desired shape by a precision stamping die. The finished steel sheets are then moved via a high-speed conveyor system to the stacking station.

The pictured stacking station accepts the previously cut steel sheets which are automatically placed to form the appropriate core geometry.

The end result is a core leg with the appropriate geometry and design for optimal performance. Step lapped miter sections reduce energy losses, as well as noise levels for quiet operation of the transformer.

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