Our technicians use the most modern and technologically sophisticated tools to design and customize the transformers we manufacture, including:

  • 3-D Modeling and CAD Tools – We use the latest and most advanced tools on the market to design our products.

  • Proprietary Software – Our custom software allows designers to input all the necessary data, and the system outputs an accurate design with specs and cost. This technology allows for the industry's fastest turnaround times on quotes.

Value to Clients

  • Customization – We're able to customize products to specific requirements quickly and accurately. We can produce a wide variety of transformers to your exact specifications.

  • Speed – We've got the tools and the team that can turn around drawings and specs faster and more accurately than anyone else.

  • Accuracy – 3-D modeling gets it right the first time. By visualizing system models prior to construction, we are able to avoid costly further design iterations.
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