JST has the most technologically sophisticated transformer manufacturing facilities in the world. We have facilities in Carlstadt, New Jersey, Haikou, Wuhan, and Shanghai, China, with an additional facility scheduled to open in Guilin, China in 2013. These factories have a total capacity for cast coil transformers of over 10 million KVA per year. Our manufacturing facilities set us apart from the competition in the following ways:

  • Scale – We have one of the largest manufacturing capacities of transformers in the world. The Haikou facility has a capacity of 6 million kVA and the Wuhan facility has a capacity of 5 million kVA per year.

  • Vertical Integration – We manufacture virtually all parts and components used in our transformers, using the highest quality raw materials.

  • Flexibility – We offer transformers with a broad range of capacities. Our manufacturing facilities are extremely flexible, allowing us to produce transformers exactly to our customers’ specifications.

  • Technological Sophistication – We manufacture our products in a fully-automated, computer-driven facility using the latest, most sophisticated equipment and processes.

For detailed information about our manufacturing process, as well as photographs of our equipment and facilities, visit the following pages:

Carlstadt Facility  

Haikou Facility 

Wuhan Facility  

Shanghai Facility  
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