JST is more than a manufacturer — we’re a solutions innovator at the cutting edge of transformer technology. We continually work to create products with higher efficiencies and lower costs. Each year we make substantial investments in the research and development of new products and manufacturing techniques. We regularly innovate on behalf of our customers, collaborating with them to find solutions to their specific challenges. Below are some examples of our R&D and related successes from recent years: 

2007 to Today 
  • We made a material science breakthrough by using non-conventional materials in transformer design, a process which results in significant cost benefits without compromising performance. The use of this material is unprecedented in the industry for the types of cast resin transformers we manufacture.

  • In 2007, we achieved UL recognition of our transformer products. Presently, we are one of two manufacturers of UL certified cast resin transformers in the world.

  • We are currently developing transformer products to be used in future-generation wind farms.


  • We completed development of transformers to be used in marine applications. These transformers were designed to be compatible with the harsh marine environment, requiring larger power handling capacity, operation at a higher ambient due to close shipboard quarters, and adherence to strict specifications associated with corrosion and shock resistance.

  • We completed the development of a cutting-edge isolation transformer for use in 800 mega-watt power plants, as well as our line of multiple coil traction duty rectifier transformers.

  • We developed a high voltage, withdrawable, metal-clad and metal-enclosed switchgear assembly. These designs used a modular construction facilitating retrofitting and equipment upgrading.

  • Also developed were designs for a low-voltage, withdrawable switchgear assembly, and DC low-voltage switchgear for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Two new substations were also developed.
  • In 2005, we obtained a license from Schneider Electric allowing us to use its breakers, and have completed development of low- and medium-voltage switchgear products around this license arrangement.

  • We met requirements set forth by the world’s premier OEM in the electrical equipment industry and developed two line reactors for wind farm applications.
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