Final assembly and testing are housed in a separate building with a 50-ton lifting capability. It is in the final assembly stage that many of the custom features are added, as configurations and accessories vary by customer request. With the exception of short-circuit testing, JST has the capability to perform all other design and routine tests as dictated by IEEE/ANSI standards, IEC standards, CSA and other international standards. Test equipment is modern, accurate and automated. Strict attention is given to equipment maintenance and maintaining the calibration IAW in line with our ISO 9001 procedures. All test engineers are fully versed in the various test standards on a worldwide basis.

The first stage of final assembly begins when the castings are loaded on the core legs. Upon completion, the upper yoke (top of the core structure) is assembled, resulting in a completed core and coil assembly.

Being vertically integrated, JST designs and fabricates a transformer enclosure that meets NEMA, IEC and other standards. In our sophisticated metal fabrication and electrostatic paint shop, JST fabricates and finishes enclosure panels, base frame structures and other metal components used in the enclosure assembly.

Testing is facilitated from a control room with a master test console. An auxiliary control room also exists to increase throughput at times of peak demand.

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