JST is a world-class supplier of transformer and electrical equipments. Since our founding in 1993, we have achieved a phenomenal growth averaging approximately 30% each year.

Our vision for the company's future includes:

  • Establishing JST as one of the world's premier suppliers of transformers and electrical equipment within 3 years

  • Enhancing our position as a supplier of switch gear products

  • Strengthening our position as a supplier of line reactors for use in future generation wind farms

  • Developing new products for use in the solar power market

  • Continuing forward integration of our unit substation business

  • Ultimately becoming able to offer complete electrical equipment packages to our customers

  • Returning more to investors and society at large

In order to achieve this vision, we are:

  • Enlarging our manufacturing capacity to a total of 9 million kVA by opening a new 3 million kVA facility in Wuhan, which can be expanded to 4 million kVA with additional investment

  • Making substantial investments in research and development and embracing new technologies

  • Remaining highly focused on customers and providing a higher degree of responsiveness than our competitors

  • Meeting the rigorous requirements of international standards boards, as evidenced by our achievement of UL recognition in January 2007

  • Cultivating our management and design staff

  • Expanding our sales force worldwide to cultivate new sales opportunities

  • Increasing our presence in the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) market

  • Continuing to communicate the value of our cast resin transformer line as superior for industrial, commercial and residential applications
Li Zhiyuan, Chairman
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